Hypnosis Rule #3: Imagination is more powerful than knowledge when dealing with your own mind.

In your mind, imagination is more powerful that knowledge.

This is an important rule to remember when using self-hypnosis: Reason is easily overruled by imagination. This is why some persons blindly rush into some unreasonable act or situation. Violent crimes based upon jealousy are almost always caused by an overactive imagination. Most of us feel superior to those who lose their savings to confidence men or blindly follow a demagogue such as Hitler or are sold worthless stocks. We can easily see that such people have allowed their imagination to overcome their reason. But we are often blind to our own superstitions, prejudices, and unreasonable beliefs. Any idea accompanied by a strong emotion such as anger, hatred, love, or our political and religious beliefs usually cannot be modified through the use of reason. In using hypnosis, we can form images in the subconscious mind-the feeling mind-and can remove or amend the old ideas.



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